Benefactor Program

Caldera is the world's leading open-source, scalable adversary emulation platform. With the ATT&CK knowledge base as its backbone, Caldera empowers cyber practitioners to save time, money, and energy through automated adversary emulation operations, security assessments, and red-teaming. Benefactor contributions help sustain Caldera's open-source operations and repositories, and will further research and development to advance the state-of-the-art in adversary emulation.


Become a MITRE Caldera Benefactor! Through your charitable giving you can directly help in sustaining and advancing the Caldera Adversary Emulation platform. Donations are directly applied to platform development and maintenance, academic and community engagement, and cutting-edge R&D. To show our thanks, Caldera benefactors are also the recipient of many benefits, to include being recognized as a benefactor of MITRE Caldera and announcement as well as collaboration and briefings with the Caldera leadership team. For more details see benefactor program link below.

Center for Threat-Informed Defense - Benefactor Program Page

For inquiries about the Caldera Benefactor program, you are also welcome to contact us at
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