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A Scalable, Automated Adversary Emulation Platform

CALDERA™ is a cybersecurity framework developed by MITRE that empowers cyber practitioners to save time, money, and energy through automated security assessments.

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What does CALDERA do?

CALDERA helps cybersecurity professionals reduce the amount of time and resources needed for routine cybersecurity testing.

CALDERA empowers cyber teams in three main ways:

Autonomous Adversary Emulation

With CALDERA, your cyber team can build a specific threat (adversary) profile and launch it in a network to see where you may be susceptible. This helps with testing defenses and training blue teams on how to detect specific threats.

Autonomous Incident Response

Enables your team to perform automated incident response on a given host, allowing them to find new ways to identify and respond to threats.

Manual Red-Team Engagements

Helps your red team perform manual assessments with computer assistance by augmenting existing offensive toolsets. The framework can be extended with any custom tools you may have.

Expand CALDERA's Capabilities

There are various plugins available for CALDERA that help to expand the core capabilities of the framework and provide additional functionality, including agents, reporting, collections of TTPs and others.

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